Some crystals and stones are thought to possess certain energetic healing powers. And when it comes to the black volcanic glass known as obsidian, this particular element has been thought to represent positive healing energy. It is strongly protective and shields against negativity, while stimulating growth on all levels. Brings clarity.  Clears confusion.  Promotes compassion.  Builds strength.

The Obsidiian Collective is more than just a production company… It is an answer to a question that so many frustrated artists and rising brands have contemplated without answer. So many brilliant artists suffer from lack of exposure while many brands struggle to find that talent. The Obsidiian Collective was born of those frustrations and this is our rally cry.

We are committing to fostering a more balanced future for creator and client relationships alike.  A way to support each other and create profoundly stronger work together in ways that we could not have achieved alone.

If you are a content creator that knows that for all your talents and efforts, you should be further along the path…our collective is for you. If you are a brand, artist, label or company that needs strong visual content to push your growth to the next level…this collective is for you.  

We are here to nurture creativity and strike the proper balance.  Because let’s be honest…we all could use a bit more healing.  A bit more exposure.  A few more opportunities, a couple more friends, and a little more hope.